Metanoia Recovery center

An outreach of Inspired Life Ministries

Inspired Life Ministries was founded in March of 2014. Our mission is to impact families by loving and building people in our community. We are doing this by providing a helping hand with our Food Ministry, Clothing Ministry and free counseling. We reach out to those in need through various avenues. Our Annual Toy and Food Drive in December offer families in need a chance to receive gifts at Christmas for their children and to feed their family, all free. We offer assistance with utilities, groceries, rent and much more. Inspired Life Ministries however has seen a need for more in our community therefore Metanoia Rehab Center was opened to help those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Many families in our community are affected by those who are addicted.

Our Mission

Metanoia Rehab Center is an outreach of Inspired Life Ministries. This program is a 90-day (or 180-day) live in faith based program which focuses on living clean through professional counseling, pastoral counseling and a given path to follow for a better life. The mission is to help individuals recover their forfeited identity, which in turn will lead to a deliverance from drugs, alcohol and other self-destructive behaviors, allowing them to become productive members in society once again.